Affinity Poles

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Affinity Poles

10% of a block booking of 6 sessions with aerial, hoop and pole

Affinity Pole Fitness started  in January 2005. Their aim  at the studio is to empower all women to improve fitness, flexibility and confidence through the art of pole dancing.

In their Pole Fitness classes they train you how to dance a routine on the pole. The routines vary according to your ability. they have some routines with just filler moves and floorwork. These are great for those who love the sexy side of pole dancing and don’t really enjoy the tricks and spins.

They teach some pole routines with spins, filler moves and floorwork. For those who want to challenge themselves they include tricks on the pole. But if your novice then don’t panic as they cater for each persons individual needs in the class.

You can work at your own pace too. Affinity Pole Fitness pride themselves on the friendly atmosphere they have in all  sessions. It’s an absolute must that you enjoy yourself and have fun in their classes and go away feeling good, sexy, empowered and at the same time knowing you are also getting into shape.


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